A Disaster For Bad Sex | #214

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Patrick Wu aka The Wooist and Veronique Pivetta the 3 Principles Coach join together as they tackle the misconceptions of dating to find easier, lazier, and more effective ways to become more attractive and have a more enjoyable dating experience.

What You Will Learn:

* Why Veronique has more trust in the unknown than I do.
* Hear about the insecure thinking that I get caught up in.
* How to get to really good sex.
* What are the killers of good sex.
* How this agenda of proving and showing off will inhibit your performance in any relationship.
* How to have really bad sex
* How not to have sex.
* How I lost my virginity.
* Why my first experience of sex was horrible.
* How overthinking anything decreases your performance.
* The difference between playing a game and being yourself.
* Why you don’t have to be 100% authentic.
* Why you can sometimes play roles as long as you both know that you guys are playing a game.

To learn more about Veronique Pivetta and her 3 Principles Coaching you can reach out to her on https://www.facebook.com/veronique.pivetta.coaching/?fref=ts or send her an email at Veronique@pivetta.be

If you have any questions for me you can reach out to me at Patrick@wooist.com

Have a woonderful day.

Patrick Wu (The Wooist)

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