Alessandro | Overcoming Social And Approach Anxiety | #209

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Alessandro, founder of Pickup Change joined us this week. His website wants to change the way people consider pickup. It’s not about saying lines, knowing what are the steps to follow with girls and what to do at the right time. It’s all about becoming an attractive person in every aspect of your life, develop a personality and a lifestyle that intrigues girls automatically. Alessandro is also the host of the Pickup Change Podcast. It is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes about seduction, where he interviews experts in different areas weekly on subjects like dating, fashion, fitness, and sex.

What You Will Learn:

* How Alessandro went from being chosen by girls to the one choosing to date the girls he was interested in.
* Why drinking alcohol was Alessandro’s best friend and why he needed it to talk to girls.
* Why Alessandro had to battle with social anxiety before he dealt with approach anxiety.
* How the book “The Game” jumpstarted Alessandro to the possibilities of living an awesome social life.
* How Alessandro went from not being able to utter a word to a girl to talking to his first girl in the broad day light.
* Why you should spend time with people who are better with you at meeting women.
* Why good looks are not enough to attract women since they look for things beyond looks.
* The first thing that girls look for in a guy,
* Why all confident guys have one thing in common,
* How observing some guys who are great with women will help motivate you to learn from the qualities of an attractive guy.
* Why most guys are impatient going from being dateless for 5 years to wanting super models the next day and why you should take things step by step and little result by little result.
* How starting with something with less difficulty will help you raise the ladder to deal with more high pressured social situations.
* How doing something uncomfortable everyday with raise your comfortability level in social situations.
* How anything you deal with for the first time can appear as a fear in the beginning,
* Why everyone fears something and there is always a way to overcome your fear.
* Where Alessandro likes to go to meet women.
* Why you should do things that give you better results.
* What the a big trap is for men who want to be super seducers.
* Why a hot girl is not enough to keep the interest of Alessandro.
* How forward should you be with women when you first meet them.
* Why you have to remind her that you like her and that you like her more than for friendship.

To get in touch with Alessandro you can go to where you can in touch with him by the chat function on his website.

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