Can Men And Women Truly Be Friends? | #207

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Listen to me as I confuse myself talking about this topic. By the way this episode is only for entertainment purposes.

Patrick Wu aka The Wooist and Veronique Pivetta the 3 Principles Coach join together as they tackle the misconceptions of dating to find easier, lazier, and more effective ways to become more attractive and have a more enjoyable dating experience. Come join us every Friday at 8 AM PST Live.

What You Will Learn:

* Can men and women be friends if there is no sexual attraction present for either person.
* Why Veronique believes that she can be friends with the opposite sex.
* Why I think that its difficult for it to work.
* Why Veronique believes that friendship is gender neutral.
* Why it has always been difficult for me to be best friends with a woman.
* What Veronique defined as a friend.
* How a friends with benefits relationship might start.
* My new perspective on the friend zone.
* A way we friend zone people through our own categorizations in our mind.
* Why you are friend zoning most people in your life.
* Should we discriminate dating someone from certain characteristics.
* How to see the deeper beauty in another person.
* How to achieve a bigger dating pool.
* How Misha described his female friends as more of

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Have a woonderful day.

Patrick Wu (The Wooist)

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