Dating Multiple People At Once | #215

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Patrick Wu aka The Wooist and Veronique Pivetta the 3 Principles Coach join together as they tackle the misconceptions of dating to find easier, lazier, and more effective ways to become more attractive and have a more enjoyable dating experience.

What You Will Learn:

– Why someone’s opinion may not be the best and useful thing for someone in dating.
– What relationship do you long for and are aching for.
– Why you should stop shoulding all over yourself.
– What you can do if you have two dates planned for the same evening.
– How respecting your truth in the moment will help you make a stronger and insightful decision.
– Why you might have a feeling of needing to do something for others.
– Who are you getting your approval from? Through someone else or through yourself.
– Ultimately you will have to life of your consequences in all your choices.
– We have grown to respect other people’s opinions more than our own.
– What to do if your intuition has always failed you in the past.
– Why your intuition doesn’t fail you.
– How to distinguish when your intuition is guiding you and when it does not (hint: don’t just start touching her ass just because you thought to do it for instance)
– How I consistently listen to my body.
– Why some people have no trouble at all when dealing with dating.
– How to know when dating multiple people or multiple women is a good idea for you.

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Patrick Wu (The Wooist)

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