Dating Practically In This Modern World With Nada Rifai | #286

In today’s episode, I bring on Nada Rifai who is a fellow matchmaker, friend and colleague from onto the show. Nada is a relationship expert with nearly 20 yearsofexperience as a coach and matchmaker. She uses a client-centered approach that is rootedin the belief that each person bears an inherent, unrepeatabledignity and has extraordinary generative potential.

In this podcast we also cover topics around

– The core dating problems that exist in any generation

– What is the most attractive quality in a person

– How the dating scene has changed over the last 20 years

– How to find your natural confidence

– What a healthy dating mindset can do for you

You can learn more about Nada’s coaching and matchmaking services by visiting or following her on Facebook or on Instagram at @datingpractically and@matchedbynada

You can also learn more about Patrick Wu by going to if you want to learn how to captivate the heart of soul of your dream lover.

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