Getting Over Dating Burnout | #210

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What You Will Learn:

Patrick Wu aka The Wooist and Veronique Pivetta the 3 Principles Coach join together as they tackle the misconceptions of dating to find easier, lazier, and more effective ways to become more attractive and have a more enjoyable dating experience.

* Why many men get burnt out from dating.
* How to become discouragement proof.
* What the 3 principles are and what they can do for you to help you have a more enjoyable experience.
* What fresh thinking will do for you and the discouragement you experience.
* Whatever we see if what will be colored by what we think.
* What eyes you are currently wearing.
* Why when you feel bad everything else looks bad and not just your relationships.
* How clear thinking can give you more of that “positive experience”.
* Why most people don’t try something enough in order to see if they like it or not.
* What to do if you don’t get age appropriate dates.
* What your options are when it comes to not getting what you want yet.
* The only reason why someone doesn’t get to there dating objective.
* Why you can’t ever stop to getting what you want.
* The trick to not get discouraged by dating.
* Why dating is not life or death.
* No person is special enough that your happiness is dependent upon them.
* Why it doesn’t take years to develop a strong connection with someone.
* Why we don’t miss certain people but we miss ourselves and who we were when we were with them.
* Why your experience always comes from you and not from someone else.
* Why break ups don’t need as much time as you think you do for it to heal.

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Have a woonderful day.

Patrick Wu (The Wooist)

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