How Do You Get Into A Relationship? | #208

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Patrick Wu aka The Wooist and Veronique Pivetta the 3 Principles Coach join together as they tackle the misconceptions of dating to find easier, lazier, and more effective ways to become more attractive and have a more enjoyable dating experience. Come join us every Friday at 8 AM PST Live.

What You Will Learn:

*  Why dating is not a real thing through out Europe.
*  What these German women told me about 3 different type of relationships you can have Hint(Single, Affairs, Relationships).
*  Why every country has its own way of making up the rules of dating.
*  Should you ever have “the talk” about being in a relationship.
*  How to approach dating more simply.
*  Why communication is sometimes necessary for us to define things since we get up in our head much of the time.
*  How to upgrade your relationship?
*  How a relationship naturally evolves.
*  How to stop playing games and be more of yourself.
*  How to deal with someone who tries to “play games” with you.
*  How I know a girl is meant for me and what girl is not meant for me.

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Have a woonderful day.

Patrick Wu (The Wooist)

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