Living Intuit | Au’Rana | #283

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Aurana is a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach who offers her gift of clarity and comfort to her clients through her intuitive insights. She helps you foster your own intuition for your personal and professional success.

What You Will Learn:

* Why intuition is so important and how it can save you time, money, and energy.
* How living from your intuition can help you out with your relationships.
* Why some people don’t trust in their own intuition.
* How intuition is a channel and how you can strengthen it or weaken it.
* Why kids are born with a strong intuition and how they start losing it as they get older.
* How Aurana lives a life that helps her life an intuitive lifestyle.
* Why do some people follow their intuition in some areas of their life and not in others.

To create a stronger intuition in your dating life to find your charmer’s instinct you can start off by going to

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