Mark E. Sackett | Networking That Works | #211

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Mark E. Sackett is a multi-business owner who works as a graphic designer, director, and public speaker. He was also a tedx speaker who gave the talk named “The Art Of Active Networking” where you can check it out here¬†

What You Will Learn:

* The most successful people have the same number of hours just like you and me but they use their time better.
* Why you can never just rely on someone’s help to get what you want.
* What happens when you come from need and want instead of giving and helping mentality.
* Why the question, “what do you do for a living” should not be asked in the beginning of a conversation.
* Why people are waiting for you to shut up so that they can talk about themselves.
* How your limiting belief can trick you into thinking that you have no value,
* Why it can be easier acting as a wingman for someone as opposed to meeting someone for yourself.
* Why some people are stuck in social paradigm’s that are not useful.
* How Mark met Sammy Hagar on a plane ride.
* Why making an effort to helping someone will give you amazing stories and memories.
* How to get better at talking to people you don’t know (HInt: just start doing it more)
* Do this social experiment if you dare. Go out in your day and start walking around with a big ass smile saying hi to people.
* What if everything came down to just being the missing piece to some person’s puzzle or day.
* How to determine what you really want in life and in relationships.
* Why you only need 15 minutes a day to move towards the goal that you want to achieve.
* How to meet your dream partner.
* How to determine what is most important to you right now.
* Why the “how” does not stop you but the “do you really want it” stops you.
* How a safety net of bringing people with you could help you go to networking events if you are shy.
* How to starting a conversation with, “Hi, I’m new. Mind if I spend it with you guys?”
* Why selfishness and believing that you have to be the center of attention in any conversation will make you socially inept.
* Why you shouldn’t throw up your sales pitch to everyone.
* How you may be throwing a conversation and opportunity away.
* Why you should have a know, like, and trust element to every relationship.

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