Mahesh K. Client

“I was single for 5 years and then I found a partner after The Art Of Wooing Academy”

Jeremy W. Client

“It’s funny how I’m doing the same things but now I get more desired reactions.”

Steve G. Client

“I Got Over My Fear Of Being Rejected”

Richard G. Client

“The Academy Has Been Very Freeing”

William T

“Found The Best Version Of Myself”

To be honest The Art Of Wooing Academy was one of the best investments I've made on myself. He knows his stuff and the time shared with him was really transformative for me. He will strip you off the performance mindset and set you free. I've been feeling liberated and calm (mostly) since then. The experience can't really be put in words but only felt. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me. Thanks Pat!!
Real Estate
The beauty of Pat’s teachings is that he helps you to bring out your natural tendencies in social and dating interactions and allows you to keep one of the most important tools you have when it comes to attracting others into your life, and that is you own individual personality.
Matt S.
Systems Analyst
The Art Of Wooing simplifies dating. He won't fix you or make you change who you are but rather show you that you are enough as you are. Because of the program, I was able to see the opportunities around me with new eyes and learn that by being myself, I will attract the people right for me.
Nate C.
Copy Editor
Thanks to Patrick’s coaching, exercises, and advice, I was better able to make a great first impression and to develop stronger, more lasting interpersonal connections. For example, before I started the coaching, I was unemployed, dateless, and alone. Immediately after the coaching, I experienced greater success and connection in my job interviews, dates, and social activities. I am proud to say that I now have a fulfilling job, a loving and devoted girlfriend, and more friends than ever before. Patrick’s coaching paid off big-time, and I am forever grateful.
Sam K
Business Analyst
You deserve the best in this field. You really helped me ignite who I am!
Jihyun J